Hej IKEA !!

Count down started for the grand opening of Swedish furnishing giant IKEA 1st Store today.

Here take a sneak peek of the largest store spreading over 13 acres and 1,000 crore investment venture ^_^

But, we got the chance to explore inside a week before officially although 😉 We’re so delighted with the service, ambiance and range of products ♥

The store is 4,00,000 sq.ft and has 27 sections along with IKEA Restaurant seating for 1,000 customers.

Honestly, to roam inside only we made great lunch just in order to save some energy and the mission succeeded. It took 4 hrs nearly to explore over each section and the experience is immensely spell binding.

Few products are like artifacts, we couldn’t understand whether we should buy them one day for use or to store them like a home museum 😀

The Merchant hall is completely the amalgamation of the showcase in the first floor and it is so huge, wonder where we fit in it 😀 Cheers to the team who made it up so hardly.

They’re offering 7,000+ products in various sectors including kid’s toys, kitchen accessories every tiny thing almost including Shrubs.. The best part we loved out of IKEA store 😀

Like the famous quote

It all ends where it starts

We’ll start our exploration in the store at 1st section and reach the food court in the same place funnily!!

And let us tell you that the food is amazing. Hope they’ll keep up their standards and there is some alleged talk that IKEA is presenting their products a bit cheaper than other areas (foreigners should comment this :P) Apart from the food, our journey started with the multi-colored ribbons and spoons hanging from the roof like some carnival kinda celebrations!!

We’ve witnessed some unique designs in the living room decors for the first time. They’re so damn amazing, we can’t get move our eyes away from the look 😀

and the model rooms show cased are utterly perfect.

Yeah, we heard that few of them are best inventions too. One of them is the pendant lamp by David Wahl.

Do you know why most of the houses covered with white wash? Naturally, it reflects and so that house remains cool. But, the fairness inside can makes you feel like an angel also 😀 Take a look!!

To read this mighty post only, if you give a sigh by now.. just imagine how it would be inside and the experience you are having… ECSTATIC

Fortunately, there we have furniture for each room and each genre like kids and in kids for girls and boys also with various designs and colors. Incredible !!

In fact, people who sat here are reluctant to move and move their kids either 😀

We’ve seen some kids who started playing with the abacus table there itself. Those pleasing colors are really appreciative.

It really needs some great vision to arrange things especially to match with kids taste.

Wonder how they piled up this extreme collection.

The pre-launch event isn’t a standard, nominal one.. It went outstanding and the overwhelming response gave the management a positive note for their decision too !!

If this decors made elders busy, those kid sections will make our younger generations more busy that you even need not send them for kindergartens 😛

Last but one section where we ended up our saved calories is the KITCHENNNNNNNNothing makes you feel so good than this for a foodie ♥ and the bathroom accessories are a few that caught our eyes.

Despite of our attempts to confuse between the sections, their laser navigation always made us keep ahead. It’s something technically smart enough to guide us in such a vast area.

They’ve provided some great inventory of artistic designs, geographical info unlike we never find in any other store. That seems to be really curious.

Yes we loved it..

So that’s our journey.. !! Hope you’ll like it also. Sooner, they’re going to establish their second store in India at Pune (next year). Don’t miss buddies.


Why Ranbir?

When everyone is celebrating friendship, I feel weird to post this but the idea of depressed character isn’t getting away from my head.

I don’t know why Ranbir Kapoor can act depressed or broken heart characters so good with ease.

Be it in Rockstar, Tamasha or Sanju, every where he rocks. He simply lives within the character.

He can act like

innocent in Barfi,

smart in Jagga jasoos,

humorous in Ajab prem ki gazab kahani,

romantic in Ae dil hai mushkil,

aggressive in Rockstar,

senti in Anjaana Anjaani or

our favorite boy Kabir in Yeh jawaani hai deewani..

But why he got so much appreciation for Jordan or Ayan. (Kabir is an exception though ;))

Why Ranbir? Why!!!!!



You never know what is waiting for you

Wait until the miracle happen or run away in the beginning itself 😀 Those who wait until it rains can only enjoy the dance in rain ^_^

Happiness is a choice.

Hey folks,

I’m delighted you to share that I am going to move my blog to own domain soon 🙂

3 years.. It has been literally 3+ years I’m here and bundle of memories scattering in my head now.

Well, I’ll keep you posted about my updates because so many things has to be arranged but meanwhile I couldn’t stop sharing my ecstasy with you all 😀

Definitely, happiness is a choice.. In fact, “your” choice.

Let the world sweep your feet,

Dump the distress,

Show abundant love… (- Even the hardcore idiots to fall in love with you.)


See you soon again 🙂

At the end of the day..

“Oh not again!! We’ve been hearing this from our childhood like twinkle twinkle little stars” might be the feeling for most of the people reading this. I know older people used to preach this as the final aspect.

We all know it is really a gift to speak when they are listeners, because we can speak as long as we can and they’resupposed to listen    Probably that is why most of our politicians doesn’t end their love with mic on Dias (few of our H.O.D’s too) These days even listening patiently is a job if one is really caring about what he is willing to learn due to those hectic jobs and busy schedules, missing something/someone rate increased (that’s another story)

Coming to at the end of the day.. We know older people teach us to do everything like this, like that, you are supposed to do like this, you’re not supposed to, if I am in that place, In my age blab blab.. Practically few or most of their experiences has some root cause to share so that they don’t want us to experience the mess like they had..

Unfortunately, that preaching habit turned into like most of those people started feeling that they are the most experienced one even they don’t have an idea of what we’re dreaming of or living in.. so please ignore every teaching they gave but do think why it was shared.

“Everything has a reason in this universe”

We all follow some rituals, traditions despite of the habits irrespective of our livelihood but few of us want to know “why?”

Let’s say, in older days people used to sleep early and wake up in the early morning with a myth going around us that “demons roams in the dark night” — Let’s think practically, maybe any wise man at that period might started practicing this because they lack of electricity and the working may leads to disasters in addition our metabolism is contrary to the nature..

What we can think now after this huge development of technology and advancement in living is that metabolic activities only if we get a thought “Why?” In fact we should knew about everything and that’s how we will get curious about our existence and sources of birth eventually destroy the nature we are living in pursuit of the answer.. C’mon we need answers, we need something else from the nature not at the cost of vanishing our existence or letting our next generation in trouble. Most of us are missing to watch sparrows or sounds of those tiny creatures like us in our early hours likewise our next generation may read that people used to gardening.. sic, right!!

At the end of the day, what we need.. What we expect? Status? Memories? Assets? Respect? Achievements? Relations?

In this vast universe, we are a few tiny creatures who can explore, live, feel and express unlike any other creatures.

Compared to the whole world and the existing nature we had to live, cherish.. where is the place to fight, hatred, jealous for the silliest things in our day to day life..

A single sorry doesn’t make you lose your bank balance. A hug doesn’t increase your height. Ultimately, we all exist here to live.. We should and must live together..

Struggle for the existence is our current scenario where survival of the fittest is the final answer.. When our living is so indefinite, what we are craving for? You never knew, if your son/daughter will be attracted to the wealth you earn.. If they are really ambitious they give it to charity and earn on their own or if they’re bad enough, they’ll be spoiled.. So what’s the point of craving for something which is indefinite..

What we want from the above at the end of the day..? Answer call is UNCERTAINTY, right !! For all of us, not anyone less or more knew what surprise destiny has created for us, so we are supposed to be the best of ourselves.. Simply, enough of everything for our existence and a bit more for emergency or tip for next generation.. Nothing more or less than that.. Eventually, we could be happy and there will be no need of yoga, stress balls or the fear about doctor’s injection

Let’s live, explore the nature and seize the moments for creating the biggest memory among us.

P.S: In case this isn’t what you want, choose one from the above list and think what leads you to achieve it and re think how will you get benefited. ” There is no scope of ecstasy when you have million bucks in hand and your loving one isn’t holding you”

Misha ♥

Mira Rajput is the one who is the celeb I admire the most recently apart from Sushmita sen.

The queen that rules my heart.

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Ever since the official announcement of her second baby, there is a lot of buzz around her and showering more love than ever.

Sania mirza has also announced that she got a promotion to mother. So many sweet moments are happening around ♥

Not just because she is gorgeous and shasha’s wife but the love she shows over her daughter makes me feel “How blessed Shahid Kapoor is!!!”

Oh, you make me smile

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If the remix versions are a hit, names of children from the first and last words of their parents is also a hit.

Misha Kapoor, the adorable kid of Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor.

Warm winter love 💖 #happyholidays

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Ever since bebo left shahid, the whole film fraternity used to have a soft corner (may be not) but when Shahid married to Mira, I’ve seen most of the girls got heart burns 😀


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Well, if there is any couple goals list in life then this pair takes the first place for obvious reasons. The beautiful pair, caring papa and adorable mom.


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In vogue.

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Best times with my angel.

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Happy Sunday.

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Perfect day.

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When you know. Nothing else matters.

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Usually, people post their fashion updates, gala time often but Mira Rajput is someone who post about her daughter often. That makes me feel her the celeb living down the street. Gosh!! I wish 😛

My life 💖

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Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see.. 🐻

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Anddd the cutie Misha became an elder sister as per the official announcement of Mira and Shasha’s update.


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Blessing her and excited what would be her/his name and how the updates are going to rollover soon 🙂