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Why on earth these techies don’t invent robots to conserve nature?? Only because nature don’t give money or doesn’t have tongue!!???


“TED” is calling !!!

Whatever the social platform.. If a post is without media, it won’t get highlighted these days likewise when a program is endorsed with celeb’s, that’s enough to recognise the program in those thousands of updates.

We all knew TED Talks (if not please download TED app or stream in YouTube). Last year they’ve started TED Talks India hosted by Shahrukh Khan. Till now I don’t have particular impression on King Khan but after watching his episode, I felt like he’s a good human being whom I can admire. 

In the beginning, his speech is similar to everyone who shares in Filmfare awards function or like that but gradually he went deeply digging the insights of our life, love, fame with respect to his journey. His quotes simply reflect his perception towards the life (his and infact everyone’s) and Watch entire episode here on TED app or on YouTube : 

What made me so admiral about him is.. His posts!!

Yes these days, his posts are soo sensible (though they’re a part of promoting TED Talks). If you watch these couple of videos, I bet you’ll definitely hit YouTube for the TED channel. Check it out. 

Not only Shahrukh Khan, quite a few others also took part of this show. Like Karan Johar shared his letter to his babies, Sivamani expresses the rythm of music in nature and Javed Akhtar explains the power of words. Every video I must say is worth learning. I won’t say definitely this show as worth watching cos they don’t deserve to be watched and forget like an anime series. Here’s a video of Mithali from TED X Show (TED X is an initiative of their own and don’t forget to see the title🙏) :

Andddd Rana Daggubati’s too:

I was dumbfounded when Javed saheb sharing the minute detail of how a word origins and the power lies in the words. When Karan Johar recites the letter, his pain, love and the vision he had for his babies makes everyone senti. It’s really touching. Coming to Sivamani’s episode, b’limey even though you’re not in a mood of getting pumped you’ll end up tapping your feet.. Lol!!

I can’t stop editing this post again and again cos it deserves it. No matter how bad you’re when good things strikes you, you can never lose them. The best part is I’m crossing over them at such a special time. Today, the TED Talks show is presenting the superstar of tellywood.. Ekta Kapoor and Mithali Raj.. Yeah! One may pass comments on Ekta but I bet these previews will made their mind to shut-up before passing any comment again. I Love her 😂😉

Yess, it’s not a superstar show. I’m mentioning them as a part of you guys driving to get a look into this absolute inspiring programme. It’s all about sharing the ideas. So what are you waiting for.. Hit TED Talks, Share ideas and spread folks.

Happy New Year..

Welcome 2018 🎁🎈🎉

Only video I share every year ^_^
Looking forward for all of your status updates 😉
Wishing to be a part of your gala time with high dance, crazy yells and unlimited fun🤞

Happieee Neww Yearrrr Amigossssssssss..

I know I’m late but this day is like my most happiest day in this year.. I feel “Yes! It’s my day. I’m happy”. For a great happy start, here you go :

My favorite scene and memorable one for everyone.

P.S : I posted this last year in my old blog too 😉

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Lens kumar

This guy caught my attention so much these days. With the work he is doing and the updates he is posting on Instagram, my eyes just popping out like a cartoon 🙂 His name is Shiv, that’s what I knew about him in person but the way he is posting and the acts/life he is living makes me really envy.

Earlier I’ve mentioned him in my Century post. Once I start watching his timeline or stories my eyes stay glued 😛 Recently, he started posting about some artwork which he is working along with another sculptor Ranga. B’limey their 4 days hard work got really paid off on finishing the final output. Here we must term it as hard work cos it reflects clearly when you stare at this wall.

All this artwork has been going on as a part of #StartIndia campaign in various parts of the country. Do check out their Instagram page and appreciate the artists. What’s something more special is.. the I.T. Minister K. Taraka Ramarao has visited the place to see the artwork and the mighty effort they put in decorating the walls. One can see the splendid job they’ve done here.

Coming to Shiv’s work. He started working on this wall 4 days back in the narrow lanes of Maqtha, an area in Khairatabad coming under Secunderabad constituency. I followed his updates for two days and thought finally it was completed. But yesterday, I found it was completed when he posted the last pic with the original wall. #Stunningjob

They have started painting the long wall for a couple of days and made this juxtaposed artwork. He even mentioned that Shiv and Ranga got famous among the Maqtha people 😀

Shiv collaborated with Sculptor Ranga as a part of volunteering for Start India – an Art Organisation delivering the artistic works. Not only this artwork, he had earlier posted a couple of stories where he made handmade artwork.

The way he upload his content and the delivery of the artwork is pretty amazing. Even a geek gets zeal to try his hands on any these kinda artistic works.

I wish I could upload the whole story and making of this artwork. If you give a glance over this making video, you will understand how much patience and vision he had on the work. Shiv is an architect, artist and a nature lover.

When I saw this final product, its jaw-dropping. Spell bounded for the beauty. He even mentioned the name of artwork as “Linoleum Cut“.

He even mentioned that this his first print. Lets bless Shiv to make his hands dip in more creative works and his life will be more colourful.

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So folks, who are interested to be an artist, ping him on Instagram and take suggestions or start learning any kind of Arts. We have 64 types of Arts as per our elders sayings. Below are few snaps of artistic works created by various artists in this campaign.

Art will never disappoint you. More you try, lesser the chance of feeling boredom in your life ^_^

Why should we choose an single art when we can live so longer. Try to be Multi-talented and Multi-professional.

P.S: Credit for all the pics goes to respective Individuals, Lens Kumar & Start India Organisation.

Respect Padman

Padman.. When I saw this name in Youtube thought this is another flick like the Super Duper Heroes. But later on watching the trailer, I felt this flick is what really deserve to be promoted must and should.

Although, I’ve posted regarding the same earlier in Whisper post, the impact and eye – opening from a film is different. Thanks to Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar for daring to produce these kinda genres. Akshay kumar these days making films so unique in a way to break the stereotypical mindsets and also educating the “broad-minded narrow thinkers”. You know what I meant. People these days declare themselves having open mindsets but they behave so. Even their loved ones weren’t enough mature to treat the same. Trailer itself depicts the problems of girls from the day she changes to an woman.

Padman is an adaptation of Twinkle Khanna’s novel Arunachalam Murugunantham.

Couple of lines from Twinkle Khanna on Padman..

“If nothing else, I am hoping that it will start a conversation within homes,” Twinkle told IANS in an email interview when asked about the message Padman will give amongst masses.

“Something that has been hidden in the darkness, furtively wrapped in newspaper, will finally be in the spotlight so that a young girl can go up to her parents and say that she needs sanitary pads over the ubiquitous fairness creams.”

Though, people don’t need bold talks and slogans on this aspect but should learn to get a soft corner on how hard it is for an women to survive on menstrual times. Men must understand and pamper their women at least after watching this. Wish they’ll not only showcase the hygienic point but also the “hell time” they pass through on those days. There is nothing to be ashamed of this unless one looks into the theme on a awkward point.

The bottom of the line is #RespectPadman

P.S: Even, we should give credit to Ayushmann Khurrana but on a different note 😀

Virat weds Anushka

Finally the curtain raised !! Love birds Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma got married.. While most of the Anushka’s fans were in utter disappointment, Virat tied knot to Anushka in Italy on Dec’11, 2017 – Mark the date.

Their marriage is really secretive until the final snaps appear in social platforms from Shaadisquad, Joseph Radhik and Narain Devika.

Right from the beginning of their parents flying from Mumbai, Anushka and Virat departing from Airport in different timings until Virat’s coach Rajkumar taking a leave on the specific dates.. every part has enough drama nevertheless like a Bollywood flick 🙂

When this advertisement popped on the screen, most of us felt “What a pair!!”..

Earlier, in the media there were some articles reporting the rift between the duo where Kohli gave a hard word to Anushka about her magazine photo shoot and later they again reported that, Kohli got maturity to understand the lifestyle of Anushka and reunited. Whatever, what’s something unique these days is the “Rumours – Love – Relationship – Marriage” link. When most of the celebs are breaking up with their rumoured loved ones and getting married to others, this guy throbbed hearts of million girls on sticking to only girl until the knot. Above all, they never hid from the media and were open.

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In fact, once Kohli shared that Anushka and his mom are the two people who supported and taught him to fight in his hard times. The biggest highlight of the wedding is Kohli singing for Anushka. He nailed it totally like hitting a century 😉

Well, behind the venue of Virushka’s wedding, there is a celeb who suggested to plan their big fat wedding along with some close family members in Tuscany Heritage Resort, Italy away from the flashes and conceive their privacy. He is none other than Aditya Chopra. As everyone knew, Anushka gave her debut in Rab Ne Banadi Jodi under the Yash Raj banner itself.

Things are going really crazy.. Virushka’s reception invitation and their plan to visit South Africa for honeymoon are truly listed to be under couple goals of 2017 😀

Mahesh bhatt posted the reception invitation card on twitter and few more celebs quoted about their great love towards nature in gifting plant saplings with their reception invitation.

Besides, they’ve planned two lavish receptions one for their family relatives in Mumbai on December 26th and in New Delhi for all those Cricket cum Film fraternity on December 21st where the Star studded affair takes another turn to welcome New Year on a high note. Lets wish them “Stay blissful together forever

Make way for L I F E..

Have you ever given a thought on how anyone’s life should be? or how we all are living. When you watch a movie of Raj kumar hirani’s – 3 idiots, one might feel hilarious about the racing lives but in real what we are doing.

This is a random thought that has been kicking inside myself from long time.

All I can see and learnt is to struggle.

— struggle for the existence.

— struggle for the financial freedom.

— struggle for the peaceful future of our next generation.

To be honest, do they acquire this? How do they attain when they don’t have the core compound.. Nature

These days being born as a normal human being is enough lucky since the struggle itself starts from the womb against the diseases we created in pursuing the “unknown hidden discoveries”.

Whom should we ask, who are answerable for these questions.


‘Cos we all are running in the race and meant to be otherwise we end up being prey to the current lifestyle. But give a moment and think, how truly this is necessary.

How can we justify our birth? How can we get a meaning for our lifetime? Does making money only the lifetime achievement.

In the current lifestyle, no common man can own a house until he reaches forty. Or may be if he is techie he may own a house of his dreams at 25/26 but he’ll be subjected to clear the EMI’s until his 50’s. Who’s guarantee on him that he’ll live until then or the job he had? So, honestly there is no chance of having the essential basic commodity of living. Then why we are living?

Living in the illusion of

— Making our dreams come true on someday

— Build that castle/dream home to live with our loved ones luxuriously

— Own that Mall/Live king-size life

How commonly one can make them true? Yes, it may be possible to roll the stones but out of how many one can make it?

Remember, something we all are busy with our deeds and making our deeds much worse. Often these days, nature is showing her nature. If we don’t realise now, true nature of nature will be revealed and then no Stephen Hawking can take us to another planet for polluting it.

When you’re not aware of how you born, who gave you the right to cut the cord on your own.


Century (^•_•^)

Thank you WordPress for the huge platform to show my interests and explore the world of mutual interests 🙏 Yesssssssssss.. This is my 💯 th post 🤗

On the eve of this I would like to share the artwork created by Lenskumar in the house of Rajagowtham, the son of Renowned Comedian of Telugu Film Industry – Brahmanandam.

Seems this update from lenskumar portrays that this huge star meant to design something special to his grandson. Anddddd this is what happened finally in that little champ’s bedroom. The design from the scratch and the final output is so amazing which clearly depicts the taste of any kid. Inside the canvas, the theme shows the inspiration in life too !! I’m following this ” lenskumar ” for a while in Instagram. I’d say he is truly artistic and vibrant in choosing the day 🙂

I am super delighted to see Partha’s bedroom like this. Check out the final product 😎

It all started with the birds, clouds and flight. Though, you can find the complete set in their profile , still I want  to share those pics in fulfilling my excitement 😉

Even that little kiddo can’t resist to give a try with the brush and see how his grandpa is helping him. I was imagining how much fun it’d be 😀 Even adult can’t stop enjoying with colours right!!

Tadahh!! And that’s Magic..

This is the coolest idea..!! Nothing could be much more adorable than this for a normal kid’s bedroom 💖 Keep this in your mind for future plans 😉

I don’t care..!!!

As far as one is in this state, nothing can affect them. All they have to face the after effects once they step off that state cos we live in a diplomatic society where people has the tendency to buckle others lives so eagerly than theirs. If something or someone isn’t affecting you, there is no point of thinking about the impact or the mess.

Frankly, when you know what deserves you, why it doesn’t matter and why you don’t care.. You’re the one who stays at a highest state of serenity 😇 It is not rude, harsh.. It is one’s individuality.. One’s self-respect.. One’s attitude towards their soul showing that “It’s a mess, I don’t deserve or need not to be care about.. I mind my own business.”

If you can’t beat them, Ignore them — Life saviour


  • Ignorance results less number of fights
  • Peace of mind
  • Focus levels striking all time high like stock exchange rates
  • No Mental health issues

Cons :

  • People can’t accept this state since they want to influence the other always.. If someone isn’t getting impacted they become annoyed.
  • Those who don’t understand may leave the relationship.

* We tend to believe in words, analyse their communication, decode the expression but won’t understand the emotion of a person keeping a pinch of faith on a positive note. If that happens, even one doesn’t wish you on a busy morning, you’ll not be affected 🙏

Jagannath Temple

Another post to my Hyderabad Diaries 😊 One must see the sculptures. The temple itself resembles like a chariot. #brilliance right!!

Everyone has their specific peace of moment in their day-to-day life. Well, most of us has grown up listening to mom’s arti or dhoop in home or few can hear the chants from the nearby temple. But I visited here to see the architecture, feel the serenity in the morning.

Situated in Banjara hills, adjacent to a slope road which is covered with bushes on either side, pretty decent road shining like a moon and fog showing the real beauty of nature in the concrete jungle.. (Pardon me, I couldn’t get a snap of it) but a couple of birds welcomed me ^_^

It is a huge area and totally consisting of 5 temples. I must mention their strict standards of cleanliness – they won’t compromise on it. Strict prohibition of footwear inside besides they arranged a room outside and there is enough place to park upto 10 cars in the parking lot. 

Surprisingly I got a mind-blowing chance to see Rainbow on my first visit. How lucky I am 😇!! Just see the pic I captured, how beautiful the nature gift was 😂

Location : Shri Jagannath Temple 🚘 Plot No- 1269, Road No 12, Banjara Hills, Bhavani Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034. Contact: 040 2330 3889