World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day (WTD) is held annually on 27 September. Its purpose is to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism. This date was chosen as on that day in 1970, the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted. The adoption of these Statutes is considered a milestone in global tourism.

People love to travel. Travelling the world not only let us know about places but  we also experience various situations and be a part of their culture for some point of time.
From food to fashion without this travel and living, life remains incomplete.

On this eve here is our favorite travelling spot..  COORG 

From a outstanding blogger and traveller whom I really fond of. Till now I’ve read her blog anon’ly. She is inspiring, wish I could live like that. I am proudly reblogging for you all 😉 Must read ♥

Coffee and Conversations in Coorg.

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Happy Birthday Google

Although every one is familiar with google doodles. Most of us doesn’t know that google has its own birthday. Yes, today is “Google’s” birthday (For this year 😛 )


As per google results, not even google seems to really know when was it formed. Since 2006, it has celebrated its birthday on September 27, but the year before that, had it as September 26. In 2004, its 6th birthday Doodle went online on September 7 and in the year before that, it was September 8. Internet sources says it was registered on 15 September 1997 and filed for incorporation on 4 September 1998.

Few Facts:

What is Google? The term google itself is a creative spelling of googol, a number equal to 10 to the 100th power, or more colloquially, an unfathomable number. Googol was coined in the 1930s and is attributed to the nine-year-old nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner.

Google is Generous. They gives very generous payouts to the husbands and wives of people who die while working for them. They’ll receive 50 per cent of their salary for the next decade. And their children receive a payout until they’re grown up, too.

Google searching. One Google search uses more computing power than it took to send the Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon. Searching Google is easy and takes just milliseconds. But the computing and networking power required to look through almost all of the known internet is huge – far more huge than the relatively minor amount of code and computing that it took to put humans on the moon.

Google once went down for five minutes, and took 40 per cent of web traffic with it. On 19 August, 2013, Google stopped working for five minutes. And it took much of the internet with it. While other companies have looked to challenge Google’s dominance in search, it still represents a huge part of the web. Nowadays, such an outage would be unlikely to cause such a problem – other sites, mostly Facebook, have challenged Google’s dominance as the central linking place of the world. But Google still accounts for a huge part of everything anyone finds or looks at on the internet

Google hires goats. Google’s headquarters are big, and lots of it is green. So much of it is grass that it would need a lot of lawnmowers – but Google has a novel way around that. Instead of gas-powered machines, Google hires a load of goats to clear the fields around its campus. They visit for about a week at a time, and about 200 of them come to much up the Google grass. The goats don’t guzzle gas, pollute the air or make as much noise. And they have the advantage of being “a lot cuter to watch than law mowers”, Google’s employees have noted.

Google uses dogs too. Indeed, one dog – the first ever – has the title of Top Dog. Yoshka is the only dog to be credited in Google’s official history – from when he joined alongside owner (and senior vice president of operations) Urs Hölzle early on in the company’s life in 1999. Yoshka even wrote a blog post on Google’s site, presumably dictating it – noting that there were now many other dogs, some much smaller than himself, but that all of them were welcome.

Google’s logo wasn’t in the middle until 2001. The simplicity of the Google homepage belies the fact that it is one of the most viewed things in the history of the world. So even the tiniest changes are significant – and some very not tiny changes were made in the site’s early development. For instance, in the first few years the site was around, its logo was aligned slightly to the left. That came to an end in 2001, when Google finally moved it into the middle.

Source: Google

Travelling is Heaven ^_^

It is familiar that train journey is the most comfortable one. In fact the best way to enjoy the scenic beauties over the hills. Well, Indian railways provide the luxurious way of travelling in train.. Trust me, the most luxurious way 🙂 Those trains are named as Palace on wheels, The Maharajas Express, The Golden Chariot and The Deccan Odyssey.


The Maharajas Express

As defined by the name, the look and elegance service will be offered with an glimpse of rich cultural heritage of India.  The “World’s Leading Luxury Train” award at the World Travel Awards for four consecutive years in 2012 ,2013,2014 & 2015.

It was the first commercial train start on January 9th 2010. The best royal experience you can get while travelling from Mumbai/Delhi/Agra exploring illuminate destinations. Once you find the packages offering and the journey details, trust me you’ll pinch yourself 😀


Here are the links for the Gallery providing the most expensive and luxorious amenities and the Fare chart on the website.

The Golden Chariot

Another luxury tourist train that covers the beautiful destinations in Karnataka and Goa. This has 19 coaches and provides various facilties including gym, spa, restaurants and lounge. First trip started on March 10, 2008. This purple fascinating look of train will give you a life lasting memory 🙂


It covers Hampi, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Pondicherry, Tanjavur, Madurai, Kochi and Kerala backwaters too :* (Though on different packages )

One cannot miss those Kerala back waters. Here are the links for Tariff and Website

Palace on Wheels

As mentioned in the name, you’ll be fulfilled with the majestic ambience and royal rajput style of living. Those interiors and lavish furnishing including the architecture, paintings totally drive through the ancient royal times 🙂

Image result for palace on wheels

The India’s first pan-country super luxury train “Palace On Wheels” was started on January 26, India’s Republic Day, in 1982 then train service was refurbished and relaunched in August 2009 with a new looks and more luxury facilities. It includes 14 salons and naming two restaurants as Maharaja Restaurant and Maharani Restaurant ♥


The train covers Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. And the Tariff and Detailed tour details are on the website

The Deccan Odyssey

The Deccan Odyssey is a special luxury train run by venture of Maharashtra MTDC and Indian railway. The 5-star hotel on wheels covers the heritage site of Maharashtra and boost the tourism on the Konkan route. The new express luxury train of India has total of 21 luxury coaches including all the royal amenities. Like Maharaja express, the deccan odyssey also runs from Mumbai to Delhi.


It covers Mumbai, Ajanta, Ellora caves, Udaipur lake city, Agra and Goa on various packages.

There is a special Companion offer for couples :*

Here are the fares and travel schedules on their website.

Source: Internet

DID – Dialogue in the Dark

Image result for dialogue in the dark inorbit

Well, till yesterday I’m not unaware of that name. But when i heard about it, i was pretty excited. Actually, “us” 😛 😛 Though I didn’t visit it, this is all about what i heard.. Just give a try 🙂

Just imagine for a moment when you stepped in and the power goes off. How it would be to tackle even to lit a candle 😀 Can you even pick a match box? or realise where the door was?But, when the same experience get backs to you over food and dining, that will be crazy right 🙂

Here is a spot in the Hyderabad city at Inorbit Mall, 5th floor to experience that food time. That is Dialogue in the dark. An Interactive social enterprise offering people two different kind of experiences: Taste of Darkness and Exhibition Tour. It was spread globally over 30 countries.

Taste of darkness : It is the food zone. Visitors are led by a guide to reach their table and they can hear sounds, smell the food, taste even but they can’t see anyone even their friend who sits beside. Not even his fork to eat (as my friend said) Besides, there will be surprising menu everyday and it will be charging Rs.1300/- per couple approximately. Working hours will be from 12.30 P.M to 3.30 P.M and 7.30 P.M to 9.30 P.M. They provides Starters Platter for starters only and Smart Pops including starters and main course along with dessert.

Exhibition Tour :  It will include our real-time life experiences without vision. Crossing the road, shopping and our daily activities. It will be eye opener and self-awareness.

***Requires Prior Booking. Call on: 040-6746-0020

Image result for inorbit mall in hyderabad

Dialogue in the Dark
5th floor, Inorbit Mall,
Hitech City, Hyderabad.

Daddy’s little girl – Piggy Chops

I used to call those little girls in the neighbouring houses with various names teasing their naughty acts and stupid imitations but never found some word so perfectly apting for them. When i found this pic on IG, i thought “yeah!! She might be a celeb but she’s also a little girl for her dad 😉 ”


On GQ:

She always makes me stare no matter how she appear because her attitude, dedication and hardwork already took my heart 😉 Above all, her voice is mesmerizing.. I really loved her for various reasons and at first this story on GQ burned me 😛 😛





Big Steps in Her Journey

Miss World 2000

She’s the Miss world.. And she was 18 only.

Chopra is now officially the global face of Bollywood in a foreign land. She also walked the red carpet of the 22nd annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and presented an award too. She also attends the Billboard Music Awards 2016.


Besides bagging the People’s Choice Award for breakthrough performance in Quantico, she stole the thunder from Jimmy Fallon during the ‘Chicken-eating’ competition and was sent out a special invite to Barack Obama’s last celebrity dinner.

At Oscars Red Carpet:

Priyanka Chopra present the award for best film editing at Oscars. Though many people in hollywood dragged it into a gossip.. Never mind 🙂



Quantico :

The Successful Journey Of Priyanka Chopra, From Bollywood To Hollywood (2)

Seriously, this took her away from bollywood to hollywood at an high speed probably faster than Miss World with the help of media 🙂

These scenes brought her the hollywood actress side 😛 Talent sometimes need beauty to admire in hollywood i guess.


Priyanka Chopra has received numerous awards, including a National Film Award, and five Filmfare Awards, and was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth-highest civilian award, by the Government of India in 2016.

New Delhi, 12/04/2016: President Pranab Mukherjee presenting the Padma Shri Award to Film Actress Priyanka Chopra during the Civil Investiture Ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on April 12,2016. Photo : R. V. Moorth

New Delhi, 12/04/2016: President Pranab Mukherjee presenting the Padma Shri Award to Film Actress Priyanka Chopra during the Civil Investiture Ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on April 12,2016. Photo : R. V. Moorth

That same year, Time named her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.



The actress is also making her mark as a singer. As a singer, Chopra has released three singles. Her first single, In My City, made its debut in 2012 at an NFL TV spot. Priyanka also featured in a video song by Enrique Iglesias, along with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Cristiano Ronaldo.


In addition to these, Chopra is noted for her philanthropic work and was appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights in 2010. She promotes various causes such as environment, health and education, and women’s rights, and is particularly vocal about gender equality, and gender pay gap. Chopra is also the founder of the production company Purple Pebble Pictures