Amitabh Bachchan

One name who doesn’t need an introduction. Amitabh Bachchan.. The brand 😉

At the age of 74, this 6 ft super star deserves much more respect and love from this generation since it is seldom to find one like him. What a grand pa he was!! Lucky Aaradhya and Navya.. Forget about the Angry young man on-screen, Superior actor, Stardom he has. Above all, the way he inspires by the way he live teaches most of us is truly epic.

What makes Legendary is this.. One need not to be fair enough to rule the world or give something these days, cos no one cares.

He is dynamic. The way he started ABCorp and the second life with Kaun Banega Crorepati  when he is going through a bad phase is real life inspiration.


He is a perfect blogger. Writes every day sharing his life experiences and many more. Earlier he wrote a letter to his grand daughters Navya Nanda and Aaradhya Bachchan advising them to lead their lives the way they want and never get down by societal demands and expectations.


3 days back, he wrote another post to his grand daughter Aradhya in his tumblr blog :

DAY 3154

Jalsa, Mumbai Nov 16, 2016 Wed 11:17 pm

The most beautiful grand-daughter in the whole wide world celebrates her birth today though she turns 5, her countenance lingers close to 55 ! The children of this generation are so .. extraordinarily bright, self-assured, and knowing all that happens around them .. and more ..

Innocence on their faces is nothing to go by .. they know they have they are accomplished .. no coochi – cooing shall ever be able to get a response that a coochi-coo, would contemplate to give ..

They shall look at your face with that utmost expression of lingering ‘ who what where ‘ and then suddenly slam you with a comment that shall perhaps give you sufficient time to register and get back ..

The concentration that engulfs their thought process, is far superior to any of the giant computer systems that the world may have invented to register, calibrate and store all that the world speaks or makes noises of .. but rest assured that all your jargon or speech therapies that they seem to be paying attention to is a register of their actual thoughts .. no ..

Their actual thoughts are probably at the proceedings that happen elsewhere .. the attitudes that others play up in her presence, her own interpretation of them .. which one shall never be able to gauge, and which shall be used at an appropriate time and place .. unknown to us, yet known when it occurs ..

Who really are we to decide what is there for them .. what is their feel of matters .. why do they indulge in such manner .. we never can tell .. their Mother’s can at times, but not us .. that then is the exclusivity of the 5 year old .. !!

The grandmother temperament at the age of 5 going on 50 ..

And it is love .. love of the gentleness of their presence .. love of their warm cuddle .. love of their concern at times of concern .. and the love of their love for us .. those little gestures, those endearing modes of conduct .. and their softness ..

Such a sweet person right.. I wish to meet him at least once and get into a conversation with those caressing words pampering like his own kids 😛 I love tales as of the trailers shown in Love you zindagi.. In fact, when your parents or grand parents tell those tales, you won’t get bored unless they puke 😛 😛


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