Level 0 – Imtiaz’s Inspiration

Do you remember the scene in Jab We Met where Shahid speak about future of his company. Guess, no one.. I spoke with many people regarding this but no one seems remembered. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any links of that movie online. Well, those lines are really inspirational and I still believe in them.

When you lose everything and you have nothing, there is nothing worse to happen than that so eventually you gonna rise..

I can’t say exactly this is the line but the content is same. Simple maths and Deep life thought. I always cross check myself with this. Truly, simply think when you are at a point of 0 emotion, which feelings gonna hurt you. When you are at zero emotional point, you’ve no expectations, no disappointments, no reason for seeking glory or feeling proud.

In the same way, when you lose everything and becomes Zero. You gonna have nothing but something to gain. So try to be grounded and check yourself with Zero level.

Drawing a larger line beside yours isn’t a sin. Keep your head up and draw it. Rethink and Kick the hurdles. Live the life King size

Wish purely unlike most of them do in marriages ” Congrats darling!! Yeh kuttho ko ache ladka/ladki mil gaya.. Cosh, jeethe raho >.< ” 😛

P.S : I’m on level  1 and expecting to drop at level 0 by expecting something to gain. It’s something seems illusory but not. #Mirage #FairTwister


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