Have you ever seen hanging pillars?

Do you know how much a ship weighs? 2240 pounds .. almost 1000 kgs!! Can you believe that a bell causes a ship wreck?

Can you imagine that a hidden secret tunnel about 8kms built inside a fort?

This isn’t about a particular religion or caste or creed. It is about the architecture, talent and the smart brains of our ancients. With no advanced technology, they built many wonders those we can’t recreate now even with our latest technology. Do you think it is possible for us to do any of the above in those days, just imagine!!

They didn’t disturbed the nature, eco – friendly. Infact, these structures were more support to nature. Right from the water pipes in the Golconda fort to the Sun dial in Konark, every piece is fascinating. Its time to learn some stuff seriously without disturbing the nature 🙂

Lepakshi – Hanging Pillars

This temple was built in 16th century by Vijayanagara dynasty. It is situated in the village Lepakshi in Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Mythologically and archaelogically significant. There is a monolithic sculpture of granite bull which is 200 metres away from the temple.


It was sculptured in such a way facing to the courtyard of the Lord Shiva’s idol representing with the giant serpent.

Shiva linga protected by the seven headed serpent - Mythical India

What’s more interesting here is the pillars.. The pillars doesn’t rest on the ground completely and there were about 70 and odd pillars in the temple like that. Can you believe a huge temple rests on the pillars which doesn’t rest on the ground completely even?

Image result for hanging pillars

Konark Temple – Orissa

Famous as the “Sun Temple”. It is one of the magnificent temples constructed by ancestors in India. The sculptures gave us fascinating structures to watch and learn. As per wikipedia, the temple was built by King Narasimhadev. It is about 220 feet in high and near to the sea. Take a look in the street view sponsored by our very close mate Google 😉

This entire structure was built with granite. Literally, no cement or no concrete. The idol of Sun God was kept suspended in the air by the force of the magnets. The idol of Sun God had a diamond which reflected the rays of the Sun, hence the name KoN-ark.

Image result for konark temple sundial

That sun – dial was balanced with magnets and disturbed the compass in the ships. The magnet was removed by portugese after they discovered that the magnetic fields from the dial is the reason for the ship wrecks in the area. Just imagine how strong and powerful those magnets were.

Hyderabad – Golconda Fort

Apart from the historical attraction, one should knew about the facts and architecture exists behind this structure. Built by Kakatiyas in 12th century which is about 120 mts high with granite covering an area of 40 Sq.km.

There are few hidden secrets too. A secret passage of 8km from a corner to Gosha Mahal. It is the place where Kohinoor diamond once held in the vault 😀 What’s more interesting is the acoustic technology they used in those days only where anyone ring the bell or clap at the base enables the other to hear at the top of fort. Amazing right..!! Few more exists, take a look 🙂

Golconda Fort Map (Source Tripadvisor)

It was described well here with the some more realistic sources.

Source: Google


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