Women’s day!

Woah!! I am posting this intentionally today so that I should be a part of those people who stands behind every women throughout the life not only on a specific date..

Sarcastically, yes! What’s the point of feeling proud and celebrating a day.. Do you really think a day once in a year is enough for the rest or to be acclaimed for their service as a mom who works all her life for us or wife, who leaves her family and even change her surname and everything.. Even a sister is the only bubbly girl you will get from the childhood to share everything..

Think about it.. Raising our voice and updating status on one day and whistling or molesting in the next moment.. What’s the point? Does that really sounds sense?

I know few people like RGV exists who posts for their promotions but that is and always insane.. 

On personal note: If someone really stands against it, make your girl not to miss their parents by leaving for you afterall when everyone wants their parents equally, why being that stereotypical 🤢


6 thoughts on “Women’s day!

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