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It was already been so lately I’m posting this.. This deserves much more applause by now 🙂 C’mon how many out there who want to make us smile and be a part of our rejoice. This team has collaborated for making our days and memories special lasting forever ♥

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Oye Happy is founded by Harsh and Varun. Along with them there is an investor and advisor Tulika (as they mentioned in their portal :P) There will be a special feeling always when someone works exceptionally special from your own region and this is what making me feel exciting slightly 😉

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Have you ever heard a position called “Chief Happiness Officer”? Sounds so cool right ! Now imagine if you’re the part of some surprise and witnessing those grins and pretty smiling faces astonished with the surprise and further you earn for experiencing those moments.. I say #damn man, they’re killing 😀 Check their blog too

Oye Happy is a platform to let you surprise your special ones just for few bucks (trust me, really affordable ones) No matter where you are, in your presence or in your absence, if you got the thought to make them surprise or seize the day in your life’s calendar.. I say Just Do It – Surprise via Oye Happy 

They offer service in 3 criteria : Gifts | Experiences | Premium. While few of these are available for delivering on the same day depending on the location we are surprising. Varying with city, their offers also changes. It is not at all exaggerating in posting this.

Few of the experiences they’re offering

Surprise with a 70mm

  1. C’mon how many are really so exciting to wish your loved one in a 70mm screen in surprise
  2. How many of you really feel adoring when those movies where a long banner show some love message
  3. How about a flower shower? Imagine those red petals falling from sky like a rain 😀
  4. Think of private chopper ride, air safari, private music album, dinner on helipad and bear hug.. Andddddddddddddd lots more

Here is a list of gifts you can gift your loved ones in a pretty dramatic way.


  1. Open this when box ( fitting to all your moods and gift that can open at specific time in grabbing the moment under control 😛 )
  2. LED equipped canvas frame 
  3. 7 moments boxes
  4. Potter heads surprises, Messages in bottle
  5. Glitter bombs, Love tracker, Golden tickets, 5 senses, 15 feet of happiness or may be that live on youtube 😀

One may think it is really ridiculous in spending money over these but think, just think what we live for ?? What brings you in gathering so many bucks.. This is it – It’s not about trending, it is all about living..  ” Latest Mantra of living ”

They had a really beautiful journey. Even their page for contacting them is in the portal in a pretty smart way. I am pretty much-loved with the Pigeon Idea. Didn’t get it? Read this now 😀

Tie your message to a pigeon’s leg and whisper ‘oye’. It’ll find it’s way to 8-2-601/B/14, Bhanu Co-op Housing Society, Road No.10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 34. In case the pigeon is directionally challenged, or deaf, or both, please change pigeon and try again.

Get in touch with them here : Call them on : +91 40 30883923 (10 AM – 8 PM | Monday to Saturday) and reach them on the above address: Road No. 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. If you wanna be a partner of their joyful journey, get your mouse click here

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