Throwback.. Yuvvh!!

Let’s end this weekend with this awesome song..

This song brought Nazriya into limelight and Nivin into girls dreams 😉 Though I love padmanabha song, picturization in this makes my eyes glued all the time..

Those closeup shots of Nazriya fingers, While she having coffee..typical girl next door.. Cute kutti 😘

Happy Monday Amigos 😎


12 thoughts on “Throwback.. Yuvvh!!

  1. Anjana Krishnan says:

    Nivin! I will die if I meet him. Nazriya was nice…but there is something about her cutesy wootsy attitude that creeps me out. I never could stand overly cute people. Some are genuinely bubbly and innocent but some are like…creepy.

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  2. Anjana Krishnan says:

    Its kind of strange but I didn’t notice him much until Om Shanti Oshana. His portrayal of a quiet, ascetic gruff kind of guy was so…believable…so natural! Then came Bangalore days and there is this shift into this adorable naadan Kuttans and you’re like wow this is that guy, this is Giri! I admit his acting needs polishing and he has a long way to go but he has proved that he has skill and natural flair. Plus…that smile. That goddamn smile.

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