Seasons – Girl in the city 2

Tadaan.. Here is my new time pass these days – S E A S O N S

Don’t you get that? We’ve those super duper short films telecasting as a series of shows with huge following and with more content in a way to inspire and teach 😀

These days Teleseries are really big stress busters.. Higher than local Short films and lesser than Big movies 😛 What makes us most attractive is their production output, casting, professional high quality fashion or trending inbuilt scripts..Everything seems professional and no way lesser than a super starred movie.

Dice media presented ” Little Things ” starring Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Parkar which I posted earlier 🙂 Here is another post in that category.. Mithila has been trending for a while and still she is doing great work. After completing the 1st season of Girl in the city, here is the 2nd season started on March 24th with a immense following 😀

The theme of a new person in the city always gives much scope to narrate the ambitions, goals, interests and the stuff they had with a fresh start makes us to watch without boredom and that key worked really good here 😀

Girl in the city

Produced by Starring Mithila Parkar as Meera Sehgal, daughter of a Colonel, who wants to live on her own, fashion designer and having a couple of great friends 😀

Season 1 surrounds around Meera’s entry in Mumbai from Dehradun for pursuing her internship at a fashion store and fulfil her dream of working in a fashion industry with a timeline of 3 months.. Colonel papa is soooooo strict 😛

Though she’s not a fresh face, her performance makes us to involve the story seeing herself as Meera in this series (of course as kavya in little things 😛 ) You’ll laugh for her curious reactions and mad behaviour :* Ends with Meera coming back to Dehradun after completion of her deadline (timeline) 😉

Season 2 starts from her home..  Don’t forget to meet her friends and really don’t forget them from the Season 1.. Kartik role makes you feel like you should have someone like him 😀 Pretty exciting and I shouldn’t reveal much about that.. Check this first episode of Season 2 now :*

I bet you’ll get furious and want to slap a character so hard even that impulse reaction won’t satisfies you 😉

P.S : She’s really sweet in real.. Find her 😀

This time Kartik unveils the magic here ^_^ So funny, lovable and charismatic 😉

Can you believe this.. One call and every things gets patched up?? Check out this episode and you’ll get something revealing something else 😀

Back to Papa, Mama.. Kartik is sweet but Meera is sweetest 😉 Log on to this playlist for next episodes :*


Wanna say? Pls.. go on :)

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