Whisper..? Nah!! Say loud and stay bold

Statutory warning: PLEASE DON'T READ ANY MORE FURTHER IF YOU THINK YOU ARE A KIDDO.. We people grew so fast. We don't care about life until our teenage. Later, we start feeling something called love, joy, life and ofcourse sexual attraction (bloddy hormones). And then in achieving that love of a girl/guy, we tend to … Continue reading Whisper..? Nah!! Say loud and stay bold


yad eht evaS

I love the motto of this yad eht evaS.. Guess, you might have understood that by now.  (Yes!! Save the day). This post is all about the weekend I've spent. I'm sure everyone will have some good or bored weekend which they may forget few days later. And another colorful weekend may pass through but few … Continue reading yad eht evaS