I don’t care..!!!

As far as one is in this state, nothing can affect them. All they have to face the after effects once they step off that state cos we live in a diplomatic society where people has the tendency to buckle others lives so eagerly than theirs. If something or someone isn’t affecting you, there is no point of thinking about the impact or the mess.

Frankly, when you know what deserves you, why it doesn’t matter and why you don’t care.. You’re the one who stays at a highest state of serenity 😇 It is not rude, harsh.. It is one’s individuality.. One’s self-respect.. One’s attitude towards their soul showing that “It’s a mess, I don’t deserve or need not to be care about.. I mind my own business.”

If you can’t beat them, Ignore them — Life saviour


  • Ignorance results less number of fights
  • Peace of mind
  • Focus levels striking all time high like stock exchange rates
  • No Mental health issues

Cons :

  • People can’t accept this state since they want to influence the other always.. If someone isn’t getting impacted they become annoyed.
  • Those who don’t understand may leave the relationship.

* We tend to believe in words, analyse their communication, decode the expression but won’t understand the emotion of a person keeping a pinch of faith on a positive note. If that happens, even one doesn’t wish you on a busy morning, you’ll not be affected 🙏


Wanna say? Pls.. go on :)

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