“TED” is calling !!!

Whatever the social platform.. If a post is without media, it won’t get highlighted these days likewise when a program is endorsed with celeb’s, that’s enough to recognise the program in those thousands of updates.

We all knew TED Talks (if not please download TED app or stream in YouTube). Last year they’ve started TED Talks India hosted by Shahrukh Khan. Till now I don’t have particular impression on King Khan but after watching his episode, I felt like he’s a good human being whom I can admire. 

In the beginning, his speech is similar to everyone who shares in Filmfare awards function or like that but gradually he went deeply digging the insights of our life, love, fame with respect to his journey. His quotes simply reflect his perception towards the life (his and infact everyone’s) and Watch entire episode here on TED app or on YouTube : 

What made me so admiral about him is.. His posts!!

Yes these days, his posts are soo sensible (though they’re a part of promoting TED Talks). If you watch these couple of videos, I bet you’ll definitely hit YouTube for the TED channel. Check it out. 

Not only Shahrukh Khan, quite a few others also took part of this show. Like Karan Johar shared his letter to his babies, Sivamani expresses the rythm of music in nature and Javed Akhtar explains the power of words. Every video I must say is worth learning. I won’t say definitely this show as worth watching cos they don’t deserve to be watched and forget like an anime series. Here’s a video of Mithali from TED X Show (TED X is an initiative of their own and don’t forget to see the title🙏) :

Andddd Rana Daggubati’s too:

I was dumbfounded when Javed saheb sharing the minute detail of how a word origins and the power lies in the words. When Karan Johar recites the letter, his pain, love and the vision he had for his babies makes everyone senti. It’s really touching. Coming to Sivamani’s episode, b’limey even though you’re not in a mood of getting pumped you’ll end up tapping your feet.. Lol!!

I can’t stop editing this post again and again cos it deserves it. No matter how bad you’re when good things strikes you, you can never lose them. The best part is I’m crossing over them at such a special time. Today, the TED Talks show is presenting the superstar of tellywood.. Ekta Kapoor and Mithali Raj.. Yeah! One may pass comments on Ekta but I bet these previews will made their mind to shut-up before passing any comment again. I Love her 😂😉

Yess, it’s not a superstar show. I’m mentioning them as a part of you guys driving to get a look into this absolute inspiring programme. It’s all about sharing the ideas. So what are you waiting for.. Hit TED Talks, Share ideas and spread folks.