Instead of losing energy.. GAIN ENERGY

Energy is a super element.. It is vital.. Without energy, we are nothing.. Nah..!! I’m not intended to speak about fitness..

We, here refers to the whole universe.. I’m bored of listening to

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be transformed from one form to another..

Although, it’s true my instinct revolving around without birth, how can a “thing” exists.. If it is a minute particle, it doesn’t matter but the matter itself has many particles which are having mini elements bombarding inside with many more micro energy particles by charging through attaining/losing energy from the fellow ones.

It’s tricky and deep right.. But just give a thought unlike from the core..

Let’s say, human being is a part of nature and he has the ability to transform the whole universe (Maybe striving in false feeling with some stupid intelligence). From the beginning of the day, humans need energy, be it emotional, physical, natural, artificial whatever.. If it lacks, immediately he/she will lose consciousness that means energy gives you the strength to achieve something.. If the person is in depression or sad, they’ll lose energy – if they jog or workout or do some tiny physical activity also they lose energy, but the best part with our metabolism is..

When our body loses energy, immediately it triggers our body to gain energy with a great sense called ‘hunger’

If we neglects also, to some extent our deprive energy from our adipose tissues precisely backup (emergency helpline in addition to saving from extreme cold conditions)..

So when we lack energy we strive for energy. No matter which kind of energy it is.. If positive energy gives you hope, zeal and positive vibes. Negative vibes makes you feel scary and protective from falling down (not subjected to sadistic acts).

Naturally, natural energy is something which is freely flowing in the universe.. Air, Water, Sand, Every Matter consists of elements with positive charged protons, negative charged electrons, neutrally charged neutrons. If the elements gain energy, they jumps into higher orbit results in the formation of new element. Upon losing/gaining their charge, the same elements bombards, bonding with another element to form chemical bond and creates a higher particle.. These group of particles on associating with certain kinds of other particles through energy creates species.

Too boring to read right.. But that’s how core values exists..

On the bottom note I’d like to say that:

I’m lack of energy and lost the exciting vibe. In pursuit of happiness, I am lost and that’s how I’m posting this 😂


Wanna say? Pls.. go on :)

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