Parineeti pampered by Australia

If you’re a fan of Parineeti or if you’ve seen her latest updates, swear you’ll be envy of her current life 🙂

Parineeti became a brand ambassador for Australian tourism recently and has already visited Australia earlier in the month of January, 2018.

To the honor, maybe she is again on a tour to Australia in collaboration with the Tilt shift crew. Even she sang a song for the Australian tourism.

Touchwood, my love towards her multiplied billion times now 😀

If, her first Australian tour gives you numbness in mind, this trip updates makes you jaw-dropping.

Hehe..! It’s not funny, have you ever imagined you can touch a pure gold on the coast ?

or watch the arrival / departure of penguins at dusk?

She got the opportunity to embrace so much love with the nature. Take a look at her Instagram!!

In her first visit to Australia, she had many experiences like hugging a koala, deep-sea diving, meeting whales and dolphins, walk in rain forest, have eagle view of the city, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and many more…

Her Australian tour gave us literally wild hope to live large, work harder, enjoy and explore life more. Even her Dubai tour or Egypt tour are amazing but nothing beats the beauty of nature and serenity one can find in her embrace.

May be because she is a celebrity, she became a brand ambassador but underneath there is a lot of hard work to attain that status.

Love towards her is something mixed up with selfishness, tons of inspiration from her transformation, talent in singing or the triple graduate girl and of course her beauty 😛 Such a diva ♥

Here are some more links to save her tour pics and how to visit Australia from Australian tourism at Rs.175,000/- per person*

Source: Google,, Instagram, Koimoi, Australian Tourism


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