“TED” is calling !!!

Whatever the social platform.. If a post is without media, it won't get highlighted these days likewise when a program is endorsed with celeb's, that's enough to recognise the program in those thousands of updates. We all knew TED Talks (if not please download TED app or stream in YouTube). Last year they've started TED … Continue reading “TED” is calling !!!


Respect Padman

Padman.. When I saw this name in Youtube thought this is another flick like the Super Duper Heroes. But later on watching the trailer, I felt this flick is what really deserve to be promoted must and should. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K9ujx8vO_A Although, I've posted regarding the same earlier in Whisper post, the impact and eye - opening … Continue reading Respect Padman

#NoFilter Sania

Saniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Parrriiiineeetttiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (This shout would be mine :* ). Those were the days when people used to roar her name like this (that doesn't mean her fame got declined now). She's such an inspiration even before Saina, Sindhu emerges as a champion. You may think what's the connection? If you're not a moviebuff or fan … Continue reading #NoFilter Sania