Respect Padman

Padman.. When I saw this name in Youtube thought this is another flick like the Super Duper Heroes. But later on watching the trailer, I felt this flick is what really deserve to be promoted must and should.

Although, I’ve posted regarding the same earlier in Whisper post, the impact and eye – opening from a film is different. Thanks to Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar for daring to produce these kinda genres. Akshay kumar these days making films so unique in a way to break the stereotypical mindsets and also educating the “broad-minded narrow thinkers”. You know what I meant.Β People these days declare themselves having open mindsets but they behave so. Even their loved ones weren’t enough mature to treat the same. Trailer itself depicts the problems of girls from the day she changes to an woman.

Padman is an adaptation of Twinkle Khanna’s novel Arunachalam Murugunantham.

Couple of lines from Twinkle Khanna on Padman..

“If nothing else, I am hoping that it will start a conversation within homes,” Twinkle told IANS in an email interview when asked about the messageΒ PadmanΒ will give amongst masses.

β€œSomething that has been hidden in the darkness, furtively wrapped in newspaper, will finally be in the spotlight so that a young girl can go up to her parents and say that she needs sanitary pads over the ubiquitous fairness creams.”

Though, people don’t need bold talks and slogans on this aspect but should learn to get a soft corner on how hard it is for an women to survive on menstrual times. Men must understand and pamper their women at least after watching this. Wish they’ll not only showcase the hygienic point but also the “hell time” they pass through on those days. There is nothing to be ashamed of this unless one looks into the theme on a awkward point.

The bottom of the line is #RespectPadman

P.S: Even, we should give credit to Ayushmann Khurrana but on a different note πŸ˜€


Throwback.. Yuvvh!!

Let’s end this weekend with this awesome song..

This song brought Nazriya into limelight and Nivin into girls dreams πŸ˜‰ Though I love padmanabha song, picturization in this makes my eyes glued all the time..

Those closeup shots of Nazriya fingers, While she having coffee..typical girl next door.. Cute kutti 😘

Happy Monday Amigos 😎

Bindu’s week 😍

I never expected this.. Though it is a new movie of parineeti, she appears really jaw dropping unlike ever before.. Crazy, Drama queen, Wild, Passionate, Childish, Smarty.. Powerpacked !!

Set of teasers before a movie release is fine.. Promos for movie curiosity.. Okay!! This is really wild.. Everyday a teaser? Omg!! How dare ! Though the hype is good, when you get most of the clips out before watching on screen, how one can enjoy the movie (not applicable for parineeti’s fans like me ofcourse)

These teasers are making my day.. Like a short film’s season part 1-5 releasing day after day πŸ˜›

We don’t know how long they gonna release these teasers. I guess this gonna happen for a week and ended today

Soo here you go for the bindu’s summer bonanza..


A bubbly girl with headphones came into our lives and a cute boy too.. Reminds you Cadbury ad or Break ke baad πŸ˜‚ 


There she comes in the dare devil avatar πŸ˜‰ He looks like a geek and nerd. She rules it completely with her insanity and daring.. Ofcourse a smarty.. Craziness left behind for upcoming promos 😎


Anddd the singer madonna avatar πŸ˜› I love this.. love her in this truly, completely, madly, obviously 😘 Her new side of singing making my glued to screen.. Zarasa jhoom lo mein πŸ˜‡ 


Tring..tring.. 2rings and is an emergency code.. Uffoo!! Childish yet classy πŸ™‚ Code language still for many of us and the interaction with mom is really hilarious.. Such a drama queen.. She’s proving that tag in this “Bindu” name 


And that’s a final wrap.. Glimpse of her emotions and characterizations all in a sneak peek 😘 See her in theaters on May 12th.

Meri Pyaari Tisha β™₯

Image result for meri pyari bindu

To all those lovers of Parineeti Chopra, this teaser is a surprise gift. Yes, a lot of expectations were running from long back over this movie but nothing like her debut song gave so much hype.. It’s PARINEETI β™₯ She is talented, gorgeous, educated and magical in all terms. From fat to fit, flop to hit, Double MBA to Actress, Behind the screens to Off the screen – She has a style.. She is a BRAND :* Love you TISHA

Though she made a debut, she justified to the song singing so softly for such a bitter sweet journey theme and that’s how she mesmerised all. B’limey I heard the track repeatedly for almost 4 hours last night and slept unknowingly πŸ˜€ Lyrics composed by Kausar Munir and Music by Sachin – Jigar. When people asked her about the experience, Tisha said

it’s a nerve-wracking experience ^_^

Movie is produced by Maneesh Sharma and presenting by Yash Raj Films casting and shooting tweets were trending always right from the cart pulling pic to the teaser showing the craziness of “bindu” πŸ˜€

Image result for meri pyari bindu

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana who is popular for his albums these days pairs up with Parineeti Chopra. Coming to film, it is a romantic film with drama in the core (by now you might have guessed it) written by Suprotim Sengupta and directed by Akshay Roy. Everyone is curious about the film after the teaser ending with “CHAPTER 1” releasing on April 3rd πŸ˜€

Movie is going to hit the silver screens on May 12th

P.S : I’ve never coloured the body of the posts till now but this gonna be special and continuation will be posted soon. It’s been long time since posting about a celeb. Guess my post after Nitya isn’t about celebs again B-)

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Happy New Year..

Happieee Neww Yearrrr Amigossssssssss..

I know I’m late but this day is like my most happiest day in this year.. I feel “Yes! It’s my day. I’m happy”. For a great happy start, here you go :

My favorite scene and memorable one for everyone.

P.S : I posted this last year in my old blog too πŸ˜‰

Back to back..

When this humma humma song track throws you back to those early days of Rahman.. Here is a pack of songs which stands besides you until sleep 😎

Yaayi re yaayi re.. Urmila Matondkar

Choti si aasha.. Madhoo

Indian.. Kamal Hassan

Kaadalan.. Prabhudheva

Ishq bina kya jeena

Have you ever felt melting your heart? Listen to the soulful violin beat here.


Someway violin is always special to me :*

Ishq bina kya marna yaara
Ishq bina kya jeena
Ishq bina kya marna yaara
Ishq bina kya jeena
Gudh se meetha, ishq ishq
Imli se khatta, ishq
Vaada yeh pakka, ishq ishq
Dhaaga yeh kacha, ishq
Ishq bina kya marna yaara
Ishq bina kya jeena
Gudh se meetha, ishq ishq
Imli se khatta, ishq ishq
Gudh se meetha, ishq ishq
Imli se khatta, ishq ishq
Vaada yeh pakka, ishq ishq
Dhaaga yeh kacha, ishq ishq

What is dying, without love
What is life, without love
What is dying, without love
What is life, without love
Love is more sweet than jaggery
Love is more sour than tamarind
Love is a strong promise
Love is a weak thread
What is dying, without love
What is life, without love
Love is more sweet than jaggery
Love is more sour than tamarind
Love is more sweet than jaggery
Love is more sour than tamarind
Love is a strong promise
Love is a weak thread

Weekend trailers

What you are waiting for.. plug-in your headphones and watch them πŸ˜‰

If someone can burn the screen.. This pair can.. No morals, No regrets.. Nothing at any cost. Sirf BEFIKRE πŸ˜€

Could you resist your eyes and mouth not to shout and hum with the song? Not possible indeed, the magic of life and living will be striking theatres soon along with the beautiful presence of SRK and adorable Alia :*

Whom do you wanna see? Milky girl Hansika Motwani in Scarlett Red dress or evergreen Arvind Swamy. Trailer seems interesting.. Looking forward πŸ˜‚

That costumes over that sizzling personality. God, what happened to Prabhu Deva! Back to back productions πŸ˜‹ Apart from Vishal’s build up scenes, focus on Vadivelu’s comedy action after long time πŸ˜‰

I’ve been waiting for this from pretty long time.. Yes!! Only for dips and is particularly Deepika Padukone special πŸ˜‚

Spellbound with the look and feeling wondering why Hrithik choose to experiment more. I know that’s not a bad thing but I want to see him more in commercial or family dramas πŸ™ Apart from that, this looks amazing. See his action and Yamiiii 😘😘 Let’s the smartness hidden in the movie soon πŸ˜‹

One girl magic.. Vidya.. Wow man, pretty excited to see the plot πŸ˜‚ She’s so pretty even now. Cosh! Miss Rani Mukherjee πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

This is ummaahhh… Farhan’s charsima and Shraddha’s voice. Blend of incredible talent and passion. Ye tumhari meri baateein πŸ˜‰

Most awaiting film .. Yet to release πŸ˜‰

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

This is my first post over a film and is not a commercial one. Being a movie buff, couldn’t resist anymore longer to share this. I know many people shared their reviews but I hope this isn’t like anyone of it.

The Godfather of criticism (in my view) RGV says, impact of a movie stays for 48 hours. Well I’ve crossed it and still I’m pretty excited to post this.. You can imagine the impression it lasted on me. Pretty connected.

We movie lovers need not a movie to be good or bad, just a movie, 180 mins of other world πŸ˜‰  and this time Kjo really fulfilled it. We’ll find ourselves at some point or in full plot or our friends even while watching the movie.

Cutting out simply, adhm is Cucking frazy at first and Dramatic love at the end. It’s Kjo man. His films will not have super action scenes πŸ˜‹ 

Fawad is hot. Lisa Haydon in the beginning burns the screen. Couple of hilarious scenes from her makes you relax at the beginning. 

From Kkhh to adhm, kjo never forgot the imitation reactions between friends πŸ˜‚ Alizea khan, Anushka Sharma character really a hook to the story. I’ve never felt that she can act like this. Her sophistication and confidence in the character (though doesn’t shown her career in a big way) makes you crazy. Buddy.. Chemistry between Ranbir and Aishwarya Rai made my jaw dropping. 

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.. What a woman!! At this age, after a long time, such a comeback. She blows off your mind. Her eyes while watching painting in the art gallery and lips  while reading her book πŸ’– 
The emotional fight scenes between anushka sharma and ranbir is truly well defined. A plot shouldn’t ignore.

Music is a big asset.. Break up song leaves you in one mode and when another one Channa leaves you somewhere. Bulleya gives you break in a tight film but title track, Ranbir expressions.. Woah Rockstar is back 😎Particularly, Arijit Singh had done a great job. Trust me you don’t know how fast the 1st half ended πŸ˜‚

That saree scene on the mountain is my fav. Truly, pink(red) hot and I couldn’t stop giggling for Ranbir’s action. Now I realises there are plenty of funny scenes which people seems over acted 😎 Never mind folks. I loved it, Hope you’ll too.. 

Blimey, at the end you’ll wipe your eyes accepting the movie title and appreciate Alizea’s individuality, at the same time you’ll scold her πŸ˜‹ standing in Ranbir’s shoes πŸ˜‰

Love you zindagi

Lovvve youuuuuu zindagiiiiiiiiiiii.. Wohoo Wohooo wo ho ho haah πŸ˜‹

This is what my mates humming for a while teasing although 😎. Right from the teaser C’mon kabaddi kabaddi to innocent alia jokes and smart srk cycle replies, they (we) really got connected.

Really, think how many of us love our lives for what we had. Most of us are not satisfied right!! But, this title says something to us πŸ˜‰

Actually, we people are overlapping our lives with high quality feelings. Despite of our taste or desires we want something but ignoring those classy country side things. Don’t see them mean ah, else you’ll be regretted.

See such an refreshing one this is. Truly, their willingness towards the subject should be appreciated. I’ve been wondering since SOTY how one can be so adorable and innocent. Alia .. She’s such a cutie and this magical star always kills drama 😘 

After watching this I feel like ” Chutti hogaya yaara, phir school πŸ™”. Even now after joining in a organisation, after every holiday I feel so. To me need everyday like a holiday.. Not for fun but to live life really breath to breath. Looking forward for that kinda job 😘

Thank you shinde saab πŸ‘»πŸ‘»