Ganesh chaturthi.. You know the essence?

This may seem like an offending post (I'm not sure, but I can't suppress my feelings) so please if someone is really spiritual and couldn't take anything against their rituals. Just stop here itself and enjoy the rest of the newsfeed. I'm not an atheist. I do pray god. I do love visiting temples. Infact, … Continue reading Ganesh chaturthi.. You know the essence?


Peace of mind..

In the midst of thousands of posts in the news feed online where people mostly posts their travel, food and innumerable positive posts about them. And we struck with the reality going through that posts forgetting their reality side where many issues and dark shades exists. Let's say a foodie blogger or a foodie is … Continue reading Peace of mind..

Hej IKEA !!

Count down started for the grand opening of Swedish furnishing giant IKEA 1st Store today. Here take a sneak peek of the largest store spreading over 13 acres and 1,000 crore investment venture ^_^ But, we got the chance to explore inside a week before officially although 😉 We're so delighted with the service, ambiance and range … Continue reading Hej IKEA !!