At the end of the day..

“Oh not again!! We’ve been hearing this from our childhood like twinkle twinkle little stars” might be the feeling for most of the people reading this. I know older people used to preach this as the final aspect.

We all know it is really a gift to speak when they are listeners, because we can speak as long as we can and they’resupposed to listen    Probably that is why most of our politicians doesn’t end their love with mic on Dias (few of our H.O.D’s too) These days even listening patiently is a job if one is really caring about what he is willing to learn due to those hectic jobs and busy schedules, missing something/someone rate increased (that’s another story)

Coming to at the end of the day.. We know older people teach us to do everything like this, like that, you are supposed to do like this, you’re not supposed to, if I am in that place, In my age blab blab.. Practically few or most of their experiences has some root cause to share so that they don’t want us to experience the mess like they had..

Unfortunately, that preaching habit turned into like most of those people started feeling that they are the most experienced one even they don’t have an idea of what we’re dreaming of or living in.. so please ignore every teaching they gave but do think why it was shared.

“Everything has a reason in this universe”

We all follow some rituals, traditions despite of the habits irrespective of our livelihood but few of us want to know “why?”

Let’s say, in older days people used to sleep early and wake up in the early morning with a myth going around us that “demons roams in the dark night” — Let’s think practically, maybe any wise man at that period might started practicing this because they lack of electricity and the working may leads to disasters in addition our metabolism is contrary to the nature..

What we can think now after this huge development of technology and advancement in living is that metabolic activities only if we get a thought “Why?” In fact we should knew about everything and that’s how we will get curious about our existence and sources of birth eventually destroy the nature we are living in pursuit of the answer.. C’mon we need answers, we need something else from the nature not at the cost of vanishing our existence or letting our next generation in trouble. Most of us are missing to watch sparrows or sounds of those tiny creatures like us in our early hours likewise our next generation may read that people used to gardening.. sic, right!!

At the end of the day, what we need.. What we expect? Status? Memories? Assets? Respect? Achievements? Relations?

In this vast universe, we are a few tiny creatures who can explore, live, feel and express unlike any other creatures.

Compared to the whole world and the existing nature we had to live, cherish.. where is the place to fight, hatred, jealous for the silliest things in our day to day life..

A single sorry doesn’t make you lose your bank balance. A hug doesn’t increase your height. Ultimately, we all exist here to live.. We should and must live together..

Struggle for the existence is our current scenario where survival of the fittest is the final answer.. When our living is so indefinite, what we are craving for? You never knew, if your son/daughter will be attracted to the wealth you earn.. If they are really ambitious they give it to charity and earn on their own or if they’re bad enough, they’ll be spoiled.. So what’s the point of craving for something which is indefinite..

What we want from the above at the end of the day..? Answer call is UNCERTAINTY, right !! For all of us, not anyone less or more knew what surprise destiny has created for us, so we are supposed to be the best of ourselves.. Simply, enough of everything for our existence and a bit more for emergency or tip for next generation.. Nothing more or less than that.. Eventually, we could be happy and there will be no need of yoga, stress balls or the fear about doctor’s injection

Let’s live, explore the nature and seize the moments for creating the biggest memory among us.

P.S: In case this isn’t what you want, choose one from the above list and think what leads you to achieve it and re think how will you get benefited. ” There is no scope of ecstasy when you have million bucks in hand and your loving one isn’t holding you”


Instead of losing energy.. GAIN ENERGY

Energy is a super element.. It is vital.. Without energy, we are nothing.. Nah..!! I’m not intended to speak about fitness..

We, here refers to the whole universe.. I’m bored of listening to

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be transformed from one form to another..

Although, it’s true my instinct revolving around without birth, how can a “thing” exists.. If it is a minute particle, it doesn’t matter but the matter itself has many particles which are having mini elements bombarding inside with many more micro energy particles by charging through attaining/losing energy from the fellow ones.

It’s tricky and deep right.. But just give a thought unlike from the core..

Let’s say, human being is a part of nature and he has the ability to transform the whole universe (Maybe striving in false feeling with some stupid intelligence). From the beginning of the day, humans need energy, be it emotional, physical, natural, artificial whatever.. If it lacks, immediately he/she will lose consciousness that means energy gives you the strength to achieve something.. If the person is in depression or sad, they’ll lose energy – if they jog or workout or do some tiny physical activity also they lose energy, but the best part with our metabolism is..

When our body loses energy, immediately it triggers our body to gain energy with a great sense called ‘hunger’

If we neglects also, to some extent our deprive energy from our adipose tissues precisely backup (emergency helpline in addition to saving from extreme cold conditions)..

So when we lack energy we strive for energy. No matter which kind of energy it is.. If positive energy gives you hope, zeal and positive vibes. Negative vibes makes you feel scary and protective from falling down (not subjected to sadistic acts).

Naturally, natural energy is something which is freely flowing in the universe.. Air, Water, Sand, Every Matter consists of elements with positive charged protons, negative charged electrons, neutrally charged neutrons. If the elements gain energy, they jumps into higher orbit results in the formation of new element. Upon losing/gaining their charge, the same elements bombards, bonding with another element to form chemical bond and creates a higher particle.. These group of particles on associating with certain kinds of other particles through energy creates species.

Too boring to read right.. But that’s how core values exists..

On the bottom note I’d like to say that:

I’m lack of energy and lost the exciting vibe. In pursuit of happiness, I am lost and that’s how I’m posting this 😂

Make way for L I F E..

Have you ever given a thought on how anyone’s life should be? or how we all are living. When you watch a movie of Raj kumar hirani’s – 3 idiots, one might feel hilarious about the racing lives but in real what we are doing.

This is a random thought that has been kicking inside myself from long time.

All I can see and learnt is to struggle.

— struggle for the existence.

— struggle for the financial freedom.

— struggle for the peaceful future of our next generation.

To be honest, do they acquire this? How do they attain when they don’t have the core compound.. Nature

These days being born as a normal human being is enough lucky since the struggle itself starts from the womb against the diseases we created in pursuing the “unknown hidden discoveries”.

Whom should we ask, who are answerable for these questions.


‘Cos we all are running in the race and meant to be otherwise we end up being prey to the current lifestyle. But give a moment and think, how truly this is necessary.

How can we justify our birth? How can we get a meaning for our lifetime? Does making money only the lifetime achievement.

In the current lifestyle, no common man can own a house until he reaches forty. Or may be if he is techie he may own a house of his dreams at 25/26 but he’ll be subjected to clear the EMI’s until his 50’s. Who’s guarantee on him that he’ll live until then or the job he had? So, honestly there is no chance of having the essential basic commodity of living. Then why we are living?

Living in the illusion of

— Making our dreams come true on someday

— Build that castle/dream home to live with our loved ones luxuriously

— Own that Mall/Live king-size life

How commonly one can make them true? Yes, it may be possible to roll the stones but out of how many one can make it?

Remember, something we all are busy with our deeds and making our deeds much worse. Often these days, nature is showing her nature. If we don’t realise now, true nature of nature will be revealed and then no Stephen Hawking can take us to another planet for polluting it.

When you’re not aware of how you born, who gave you the right to cut the cord on your own.


Century (^•_•^)

Thank you WordPress for the huge platform to show my interests and explore the world of mutual interests 🙏 Yesssssssssss.. This is my 💯 th post 🤗

On the eve of this I would like to share the artwork created by Lenskumar in the house of Rajagowtham, the son of Renowned Comedian of Telugu Film Industry – Brahmanandam.

Seems this update from lenskumar portrays that this huge star meant to design something special to his grandson. Anddddd this is what happened finally in that little champ’s bedroom. The design from the scratch and the final output is so amazing which clearly depicts the taste of any kid. Inside the canvas, the theme shows the inspiration in life too !! I’m following this ” lenskumar ” for a while in Instagram. I’d say he is truly artistic and vibrant in choosing the day 🙂

I am super delighted to see Partha’s bedroom like this. Check out the final product 😎

It all started with the birds, clouds and flight. Though, you can find the complete set in their profile , still I want  to share those pics in fulfilling my excitement 😉

Even that little kiddo can’t resist to give a try with the brush and see how his grandpa is helping him. I was imagining how much fun it’d be 😀 Even adult can’t stop enjoying with colours right!!

Tadahh!! And that’s Magic..

This is the coolest idea..!! Nothing could be much more adorable than this for a normal kid’s bedroom 💖 Keep this in your mind for future plans 😉

Jagannath Temple

Another post to my Hyderabad Diaries 😊 One must see the sculptures. The temple itself resembles like a chariot. #brilliance right!!

Everyone has their specific peace of moment in their day-to-day life. Well, most of us has grown up listening to mom’s arti or dhoop in home or few can hear the chants from the nearby temple. But I visited here to see the architecture, feel the serenity in the morning.

Situated in Banjara hills, adjacent to a slope road which is covered with bushes on either side, pretty decent road shining like a moon and fog showing the real beauty of nature in the concrete jungle.. (Pardon me, I couldn’t get a snap of it) but a couple of birds welcomed me ^_^

It is a huge area and totally consisting of 5 temples. I must mention their strict standards of cleanliness – they won’t compromise on it. Strict prohibition of footwear inside besides they arranged a room outside and there is enough place to park upto 10 cars in the parking lot. 

Surprisingly I got a mind-blowing chance to see Rainbow on my first visit. How lucky I am 😇!! Just see the pic I captured, how beautiful the nature gift was 😂

Location : Shri Jagannath Temple 🚘 Plot No- 1269, Road No 12, Banjara Hills, Bhavani Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034. Contact: 040 2330 3889

Domino’s love

Don’t presume that I’m overwhelmed with the new pizza crust from Domino’s 😂 This is my extravaganza over the last morning I spent here with Extra cheese Margherita pizza 🍕

I never thought Margherita pizza could be so yummy and fills my tummy on a  starving day. Just look at the slice man, soo cheesy. I didn’t opt any toppings or other sides 🤐

What left me astonishing is the interior decors and the photos. If you give a close look at the above picture, you can see the history of Domino’s, Principles of the store etc. Isn’t that classy ? And to the revamped version of their pizzas, they are offering young pizza lovers to watch the making of pizza with a credential 😂

OMG!! I’m Done 😍 – That happiness reaction when your stomach fills and the ambience is pretty good. You’ll get a comfort feel here as soon as you enter with these bright coloured furniture and attractive lights. Have a look 🙂

Wish there could be some juke box instead of Domino’s radio though the TV runs (in mute mode) you can’t have much fun, maybe to focus us more on food only 😋
Amazing right!! Well, that’s how my weekend ended 👏 Eager to hear your pizza stories too 😂

Guilt Trip

So here I am. It’s been almost a month since I have been here. I can’t believe that a month has passed already but still the ambience isn’t passing away from my mind. That taste of chocolate waffles and spongy softy cupcakes.. Yummmmm 😘

Just have a loooooook over thoseee tinyyy attractive cupcakess.. Understand my stammering in describing even, it is not at all manipulating or artificial. That intense feeling is kicking me inside. Probably, I may drive again to hit there tonight!!

What should I say, the price or the ambience or the taste. I felt like holding my girl’s cheek and saying

Wooopie..wooopieee.. wooo

these are soooo soft 😋😋 

These tiny cupcakes costs about ₹40/- each and the choco loaded waffles are about ₹150/-. To the perfect date or wanna show your overwhelming love to your loved one. Pour all your adorableness in a cupcake and serve them 💖

There are two outlets in Hyderabad, one is in Madhapur (Kavuri hills) and another one in Banjara hills. Excited? Follow them on Zomato also 😇