Century (^•_•^)

Thank you WordPress for the huge platform to show my interests and explore the world of mutual interests 🙏 Yesssssssssss.. This is my 💯 th post 🤗

On the eve of this I would like to share the artwork created by Lenskumar in the house of Rajagowtham, the son of Renowned Comedian of Telugu Film Industry – Brahmanandam.

Seems this update from lenskumar portrays that this huge star meant to design something special to his grandson. Anddddd this is what happened finally in that little champ’s bedroom. The design from the scratch and the final output is so amazing which clearly depicts the taste of any kid. Inside the canvas, the theme shows the inspiration in life too !! I’m following this ” lenskumar ” for a while in Instagram. I’d say he is truly artistic and vibrant in choosing the day 🙂

I am super delighted to see Partha’s bedroom like this. Check out the final product 😎

It all started with the birds, clouds and flight. Though, you can find the complete set in their profile , still I want  to share those pics in fulfilling my excitement 😉

Even that little kiddo can’t resist to give a try with the brush and see how his grandpa is helping him. I was imagining how much fun it’d be 😀 Even adult can’t stop enjoying with colours right!!

Tadahh!! And that’s Magic..

This is the coolest idea..!! Nothing could be much more adorable than this for a normal kid’s bedroom 💖 Keep this in your mind for future plans 😉


5 Must Have – For an amazing home

Origami Birds

These birds do not fly but makes the home more colorful and if you learn how to make them as per instructions we got here, your day will be completed. After all, Art never gives you boredom 🙂


Bean Bags

One should have a couple of bean bags in their room, not for decoration.. They give much more comfort than a solid chair and are flexible. Mostly, people in cities do have them in their houses i guess but who don’t know should also give a try.

These bean bags will be available from S size to XXXL size ranging from Rs. 500 –  Rs. 45000/-



This could be the first thing that makes you comfort after mom’s lap for everyone. Suprisingly, after growing to an adult even, still these make us comfort. This cradles are of many designs and trust me, it brings more attraction to the room when they’re placed creatively as in Aisha’s room in Wake up sid 🙂

Fortunately, I found one on Amazon at the cost of Rs.13,800 /- .. I know that was a little bit costly but one can get how it looks like 😀


Windows blinds


This song was my favourite and i was amazed with that horizontal blinds. I really browsed a lot to know what that sticks name was and found atlast they are customized window blinds. Now i should search in google for them. Watch this song at 1.34 sec.


Watch this song at 1.34 sec.

Laundry Bags

Bags are popular and so as laundry also.. Well, here are those laundry bags which hide all your mess and appears so classy and gives decent looks to your rooms. One must have these and should learn their children how to keep house clean. Most affordable things to keep our house clean on a hurry day 😉

Found a beautiful one on snapdeal and it’s really a deal at Rs.318/- Some of these are foldable too..