Sonali Book Club

Sonali Bindre.. ย I grew up watching her movies. Such a diva !!

On screen, I never felt hot or something ugly.. ย Her elegant looks and persona always wondered me how could some one be so gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜‰ To be honest, off screen she appears the same. If someone declines, I should suggest them to watch her with my eyes.. Yes, she is a married woman but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t admire her right !!

Well, above the beauty, higher than her acting.. The Parenting and Her Love towards her family is fascinating. I know everyone take care of their respective families in the same way. But she is much more higher than the talent she possess..ย I’ve fallen somewhere with the touch of her writing in the recent times.ย Until she releasesย her first book in 2015 ” The Modern Gurukul – My experiments with parenting”ย I forgot that there is an actress whom I used to love a lot.

Now-a-days, this publication of biographies and celeb oriented book releases are common but special people are always stay out there taking their special place in us ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks toย Malaika Arora (for some pretty obvious reasons)

Godd..If someone doesn’t distracts me, I’ll babble about her hip dance in chayya chayya, fashion in labellife etc.. Uff

Cutting it off, here’s the topicย Sonali’s book club. She has a point stating

These days everybody leads a hectic life and when you meet, you talk about other things. But, on social media thereโ€™s an information highway and everything comes fast. By forming the book club on Facebook, I am marrying the old habit of reading with new technology. Here we can hangout, discuss, explore new ideas and authors”

What are you waiting for bookworms..authors..poets.. I found many talented writers and poets who even didn’t crossed their teenage. Such an immense talented generation..

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