Lens kumar

This guy caught my attention so much these days. With the work he is doing and the updates he is posting on Instagram, my eyes just popping out like a cartoon 🙂 His name is Shiv, that’s what I knew about him in person but the way he is posting and the acts/life he is living makes me really envy.

Earlier I’ve mentioned him in my Century post. Once I start watching his timeline or stories my eyes stay glued 😛 Recently, he started posting about some artwork which he is working along with another sculptor Ranga. B’limey their 4 days hard work got really paid off on finishing the final output. Here we must term it as hard work cos it reflects clearly when you stare at this wall.

All this artwork has been going on as a part of #StartIndia campaign in various parts of the country. Do check out their Instagram page and appreciate the artists. What’s something more special is.. the I.T. Minister K. Taraka Ramarao has visited the place to see the artwork and the mighty effort they put in decorating the walls. One can see the splendid job they’ve done here.

Coming to Shiv’s work. He started working on this wall 4 days back in the narrow lanes of Maqtha, an area in Khairatabad coming under Secunderabad constituency. I followed his updates for two days and thought finally it was completed. But yesterday, I found it was completed when he posted the last pic with the original wall. #Stunningjob

They have started painting the long wall for a couple of days and made this juxtaposed artwork. He even mentioned that Shiv and Ranga got famous among the Maqtha people 😀

Shiv collaborated with Sculptor Ranga as a part of volunteering for Start India – an Art Organisation delivering the artistic works. Not only this artwork, he had earlier posted a couple of stories where he made handmade artwork.

The way he upload his content and the delivery of the artwork is pretty amazing. Even a geek gets zeal to try his hands on any these kinda artistic works.

I wish I could upload the whole story and making of this artwork. If you give a glance over this making video, you will understand how much patience and vision he had on the work. Shiv is an architect, artist and a nature lover.

When I saw this final product, its jaw-dropping. Spell bounded for the beauty. He even mentioned the name of artwork as “Linoleum Cut“.

He even mentioned that this his first print. Lets bless Shiv to make his hands dip in more creative works and his life will be more colourful.

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So folks, who are interested to be an artist, ping him on Instagram and take suggestions or start learning any kind of Arts. We have 64 types of Arts as per our elders sayings. Below are few snaps of artistic works created by various artists in this campaign.

Art will never disappoint you. More you try, lesser the chance of feeling boredom in your life ^_^

Why should we choose an single art when we can live so longer. Try to be Multi-talented and Multi-professional.

P.S: Credit for all the pics goes to respective Individuals, Lens Kumar & Start India Organisation.


New ‘Meet Up’

And it’s another weekend!! Yuppie!!

This is usually our feeling about a weekend right.. Sometimes for some people at some instance has this feeling too..

Another weekend..!! What to do? Malls! Movies!! Cafes!!! Arcade zone!!!! Argghh..boreddd :((

I am into this kind 😛 To those who want to explore for something NEW and love hanging out with friends or new friends for some electrifying experience here is an app which is really interesting..

Meet up..  

An app allows to organise you or your friends or anyone on any interest where mutual

people can join and meet as simple as that.. Everyone is special and we all know that well versed quote ”

One for all, all for one “. Likewise this meets can support you, inspire, enlighten your ideas, overcome your fears unknowingly.
You may ask how? Just imagine, if you are alone and not at all a mingling person. You went to some trekking or art class, you found some piece of art drawing by someone and you can resist the urge to learn or appreciate which usually you won’t do in formal. Since it is a unofficial meet and no one cares your opinion you will pass freely your appreciation and shows your interest right!! Here you unknowingly started coming across that introvert kinda feeling.. Maybe another meet or trek might help you to move freely, build you courage to travel alone.. Who knows!

The app developers infact narrated precisely with simple beautiful lines as below.


What’s more is individuality.. It doesn’t matter how long you grown, one has to live for them self on their own feet which makes them feel super confident.

Here you are the decision maker, you bring the guts yourself to meet alone like naina in  yjhd and  everything surprises you bringing your older days of first day at schooling, college or that office. Thrill is what you’ll get.

Here are a couple of snapshots pertaining to my location and I am planning for going to somewhere ASAP 😂

What’s something more is we’ll get notifications once we show interest on first login like this..


Well, you may think what usually we can find.. Something like casual meets or comedy nights, if you feel so you stepped into that tomato tub even before la tomatina fest 😋 Take a look here dude!!

Celebrations need pair of hands and a pure to heart to share some love 💖 Meet to celebrate this moment, remembering that moment and for the upcoming life.

I couldn’t capture much but you’ve bundle of interesting Screenshot_2017-08-01-22-26-10-247things to do apart from sitting in that couch lazily on a cool morning sipping some coffee and feeling “I’m blessed to have this!!”.. Yes of course you are!!

But life won’t give you another chance to live that moment or that minute or even a second to get back. To those who feel they are running with life, they should realize they’re deeply seeking something to live new. If one connects with this emotion, these words aren’t needed to perfect explanation.

So here is a snap of few events according ti the category I found nearby folks.. Cheers! To those are in this city and going to join 😊

Depending upon the kinda meet, price charging varies. One can’t afford to take outstation for free since they created a meet up right or one need not to pay huge amount for casual chit chat in a coffee shop too..

If you feel interesting and got the essence to build some memories.. STEP OUT OF THE BOX !!!

This app is available on Play store and Apple store too.. So that’s all folks, one post after short break 😎

90’s kids 

Dedicated this night to those 90’s kids like me 😂😂 If I forgot any, kindly comment. Here are few cartoon shows those I used to watch in my childhood and I love most of them now even 😜😜

Among all of these, I love few shows. I really don’t know why they’re so connected. Still I feel myself and act like a kid if I got a chance to watch them 😘 I didn’t mentioned Tom and Jerry since they’re classics even this generation kids also like them 😉

And this is unique 😘😘 Immense respect towards him for making my childhood sooo happy.. Infact, words are not enough.. Better to smile in his way.. Chaplin lives forever 😂