Growing Adeniums from seeds

Kindly, take a look and fall in love with saplings proudly 😊

Jolta's world .....

Another achievement in my garden. I managed to propagate a few Adeniums seedlings. Here is a step wise procedure on how to do it.

Step 1. When you observe a pod formation on the plant, tie it up. The pod is tied up so that the Adeniums seeds do not fly away when the pod bursts open.

Step 2. Pluck off the pod from the plant when you notice is dry enough and trying to break open.

Step 3. Carefully remove out the tiny seedlings with their pretty furry wings from the pod.

Step 4. Separate the seed from the furry wings.

Step 5. Prepare a simple soil mix with soil and a little cockpit. Place the seeds on the soil mix.

Step 6. Cover up the seeds with a layer of soil. This is required because the seeds are very very light……Can just fly off with a breath.


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Loose control..

Let's loose control.. Unveil the crazy side.. Naa koi padne waala, Naa koi seekne wala Apni tho paatshala, masti ki paatshala As I walking down the road after the breathless daily routines, exhausted week and merciless summer that sucks the zeal in life.. Heard the echo of this song from nearby rooftop restaurant and I … Continue reading Loose control..

Happy Birthday

Another birthday...!! Woooieeee Happy 4th Anniversary to my blog.. I know this post is kiddish but these days i'm not in a mood to sum up anything. Wish at least these short lines gonna bring some change and colours into my life 😉

Happy New Year..

Welcome 2018 🎁🎈🎉

Only video I share every year ^_^
Looking forward for all of your status updates 😉
Wishing to be a part of your gala time with high dance, crazy yells and unlimited fun🤞

Happieee Neww Yearrrr Amigossssssssss..

I know I’m late but this day is like my most happiest day in this year.. I feel “Yes! It’s my day. I’m happy”. For a great happy start, here you go :

My favorite scene and memorable one for everyone.

P.S : I posted this last year in my old blog too 😉

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