Lens kumar

This guy caught my attention so much these days. With the work he is doing and the updates he is posting on Instagram, my eyes just popping out like a cartoon πŸ™‚ His name is Shiv, that's what I knew about him in person but the way he is posting and the acts/life he is … Continue reading Lens kumar


Heart it πŸ’“ Tumblr

Hey folks! Hope this Diwali brought you all great family time with loads and loads of fun. Bless you all with peace, bliss and satisfaction for the rest of life. Let this joy, health, wealth stay with you and sparkle your life every moment 🀞 Sparkle..Β  The grin on a child's face on watching it. … Continue reading Heart it πŸ’“ Tumblr

Whistle podu..

Whistling.. Imagine how it would be when a girl whistles beside you and you can't to do so except a giggle? Haha.. you guys get that.. Yes!! This post is about how to whistle. I am one of them who sit beside the whistlers and shout or giggle with them πŸ˜›Β When googled over found a … Continue reading Whistle podu..