250 not out !! ^_^

Thank you Nikita for being my 250th follower.. My world is growing bigger rapidly :*

In 35 days, 50 WP readers found my blog interesting to follow 🙂

Another milestone in my way..

Love you Amigos !!


Metro and life

Slowly the moon arrives, 

Sky is glittering with stars, 

Flights are going here and there..now and then,

In the dark night, under the dark sky, two souls resting on top of the roof…

We are all probably the strange kinda beings completely differ from the surrounding lives.. Everyone is having a job, a duty that makes them to spend their whole day, whole month for the salary at the end. Unless they spend their time for the whole month, they ain’t gonna survive.. But, we want the time of our lives with us.. seize the life and live on our own.. Infact, if the bus driver or loco pilot think like this and seek some other profession, no one can travel or reach their destination.. 

We’re meant to be like this.. We got the chance, thought and passion to live ultimately different 🕺 Age is a number!!