New ‘Meet Up’

And it's another weekend!! Yuppie!! This is usually our feeling about a weekend right.. Sometimes for some people at some instance has this feeling too.. Another weekend..!! What to do? Malls! Movies!! Cafes!!! Arcade zone!!!! Argghh..boreddd :(( I am into this kind πŸ˜› To those who want to explore for something NEW and love hanging … Continue reading New ‘Meet Up’


yad eht evaS

I love the motto of this yad eht evaS.. Guess, you might have understood that by now.  (Yes!! Save the day). This post is all about the weekend I've spent. I'm sure everyone will have some good or bored weekend which they may forget few days later. And another colorful weekend may pass through but few … Continue reading yad eht evaS

Oye Happy

It was already been so lately I'm posting this.. This deserves much more applause by now πŸ™‚ C'mon how many out there who want to make us smile and be a part of our rejoice.Β This team has collaborated for making our days and memories special lasting forever β™₯ Oye Happy is founded by Harsh and … Continue reading Oye Happy


Skates.. These are my favorite from the child hood. I never got a chance to learn then and now I don't want to miss this. When I asked one vendor recently, he gave a weird look like "you are already 27, you needed now?" Haha..! He is really narrow minded besides I guess he doesn't … Continue reading Skating

Whistle podu..

Whistling.. Imagine how it would be when a girl whistles beside you and you can't to do so except a giggle? Haha.. you guys get that.. Yes!! This post is about how to whistle. I am one of them who sit beside the whistlers and shout or giggle with them πŸ˜›Β When googled over found a … Continue reading Whistle podu..