Let’s nacho..



How many of you like diving into sleep while listening to soft music. Well this is for one’s who enjoy so and one’s who doesn’t knew how it mesmerises us while letting us to get slept so deeply.


Instrumentals are nothing but background music beats but are of songs mostly. Songs where vocals are reduced to nil and the sounds of instruments get highlighted.

If you are not aware of it, when you listen to the above bgm of Kal ho naa ho, you’ll realise it or may be Hum Tum 💖

These instrumentals soothes us so unknowingly we’ll play everyday for a relaxed sleep.

Here are my fav from Wynk :

Listen to Chinna Chinna Aasha  at http://wynk.in/u/1016b5dfmINfod on Wynk Music

Listen to Mere Haath Mein (Instrumental) at http://wynk.in/u/1017KlnBCjatLB on Wynk Music