Oye Happy

It was already been so lately I'm posting this.. This deserves much more applause by now 🙂 C'mon how many out there who want to make us smile and be a part of our rejoice. This team has collaborated for making our days and memories special lasting forever ♥ Oye Happy is founded by Harsh and … Continue reading Oye Happy


Bruised Passports ♥

Have you heard this name recently? Nope.. ? Ouch!! You missed something.. Yes, really!! This is a blog title running by a blogger couple Savi and Vid sharing their experiences. I came across one snap in Instagram and simply followed. But when I took the link in the bio, It is mind blowing. Really that … Continue reading Bruised Passports ♥


You live only once.. Any thing in the world when compared to this 4 letter word, everything seems tiny.. B'limey anyyyy freaking thing.. Not only a break - up, marriage, fight, love, crush, lust, dreams, events.. Ofcourse, what else could we've to live up with !! When we realise this thing, many things get settled. … Continue reading YOLO