One liner

Why on earth these techies don't invent robots to conserve nature?? Only because nature don't give money or doesn't have tongue!!???


Make way for L I F E..

Have you ever given a thought on how anyone's life should be? or how we all are living. When you watch a movie of Raj kumar hirani's - 3 idiots, one might feel hilarious about the racing lives but in real what we are doing. This is a random thought that has been kicking inside … Continue reading Make way for L I F E..


You live only once.. Any thing in the world when compared to this 4 letter word, everything seems tiny.. B'limey anyyyy freaking thing.. Not only a break - up, marriage, fight, love, crush, lust, dreams, events.. Ofcourse, what else could we've to live up with !! When we realise this thing, many things get settled. … Continue reading YOLO