Thank you 💖

This is for you all my followers and whomever read this.. I humbly thank you for showing your interest over my blog and sharing your feelings.. Your every comment pokes me to post something new immediately 😂 I’m really kinda obsessed.. I regret to term it as obsession but I couldn’t figure a word rather than that..

It’s a privilege to be here among those young generation who pour their heart showing so much empathy and love with such an immense talent.. I feel envy every now and then whenever I come across some poetic lines or fantastic grammar.. To you guys, I seriously oblige give a try on your talent in real life in addition to showing here.. You can steal many hearts and I guess most of the people around you are unaware of what you are possessed!! 

Once you blink, you’ll be a star✌

What made me to post this write now is “unconditional spontaneity” I thought to conclude this simply but my small brain isn’t in my control and threw away few words which I couldn’t stop typing with a grin 😉

#Loads of Love


3rd Anniversary !!

Wohoo..!! This is amazing 😀 Special days are really special if they’re unexpected ^_^ I didn’t realise till this moment that word press has incorporated in my life long ago only. Though I started posting in 2016 for this blog, this notification brought a grin on my face 😉

On this eve, I’d love to thank few people who are part of my journey till now. I should and I must for obvious reasons 🙂

Unicornbee – Girl !! Your rare posts and those perceptions always made me imagine you like the girl next door. Daddy’s little girl 😛

Ankit – Missing your quotes ankit. I realised now that most of the posts from the readers I’m following aren’t appearing in my dashboard 😦 sic

Aplis – Miss you doc !!

Sujatha – You’ve been always amazing from the beginning of your wordpress journey

Nikita Dongre – The Dongre brand made me to follow 😉


I wonder now after seeing all my followers, why so many girls occupy wordpress world 😉

Rekha Swetha Anamika Neha Akhila Sunshine Fairy Vinitha Riddhi Apeksha Tanu

Nishita Pradita Zodiac Amogh Shwetha Savi Akira Twinklingwords Abhishek Hargun

Kirilson Akansha Farjia Aedit Jyoti Joalta Anisha Sumit Nishhhh Riya Brunda Hamshitha

Forgive me for forgetting any of you from the huge list.. I am not aware of your real names so I couldn’t mention you. I should thank you guys for those comments and extended support all the time 🙂